Therapeutic Success Through Tapping

Intermediate – Diagnostic

Intermediate – Diagnostic – TWO DAY TRAINING

Price £535
Early Bird Rate – £495 (more than one month before course start)

This training is for therapists and practitioners that have completed and passed an introductory Algorithm Training. The Intermediate Diagnostic training consists of standardised materials from Callahan Techniques, Ltd. The training provides the basic skills and knowledge for determining specific protocols to address a wide range of problems. Included in this level of training are skills and knowledge to identify and neutralize individual energy toxins, psychological reversals and blocks to healing and chronic and recurring problems. This level also includes the use of the Dan Tian’s energy centers and the use of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and the voltmeter as measurement tools. Individuals completing this level of training may also use the designation TFT-Dx after their names. This training helps to increase your success rate from the Algorithm level training of up to 80% to the Diagnostic level of up to 95% success.

Training Information

What do I get for my investment?

Your TFT training course 2 day accredited fee includes:

  • TFT Diagnostic tuition, demonstration and supervised practice
  • Manual
  • Voltmeter E-Manual
  • Access to Dropbox file with lots of extra resources
  • Light Refreshments over both days.
  • Eligibility to join ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)
  • Free practitioner listing on
  • 6 months follow up support
What do I learn?

On your 2 day training you will learn:

Intermediate TFT Concepts:

◦TFT Diagnostic Theory

◦How to diagnose Psychological Reversal

◦How to diagnose specific tapping sequences to achieve the best results for your clients

◦How to identify and neutralise Individual Energy Toxins so that Tapping treatments are effective

◦How to use surrogate testing

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