Therapeutic Success Through Tapping

Advanced – Optimal Health

Price $5000

A three-day advanced training consisting of the TFT self-testing, self-treatment and Voice Technology procedures in an intimate group setting, presented by Callahan Techniques, Ltd. The training provides the skills and knowledge for determining specific protocols to address a wide range of problems. Included in this level of training are skills and knowledge to identify and neutralize individual energy toxins, psychological reversals and blocks to healing, the Dan Tian’s and Chakras and multiple dimensional applications. This class addresses in more detail healing from chronic and recurring problems on oneself and over the telephone. Individuals completing this level of training may also use the designation TFT-Adv after their names.

Training Information

What you will learn

Over three days…in an intimate group setting, with other practitioners…you’ll learn:

  • TFT Voice Technology and why it lets you accurately identify a TFT sequence for any ailment.
  • Learn all the objective techniques that the TFT VT Practitioners have learned—enabling them to help people over the telephone and non-locally.
  • Self-help methods tested and perfected by Dr. Roger Callahan to support the successful treatment of chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
  • How to identify toxins and other sensitivities in your own body—then immediately neutralize their effects, including the elimination of the side-effects of necessary medication.
  • Resonance testing – a feedback loop to relative reality.
  • Have a working template to use TFT to facilitate spiritual growth, access subtle dimensions and raise consciousness.
  • How to easily stay in the NOW – increasing presence.
  • Chakra system healing applications – including the Ancient Egyptian understanding.
  • Learn about new technologies to measure the “Essential Self” and monitor our health and well-being.
  • Use of Dan Tiens within TFT
  • Remote and non-local testing and treating
  • Experience the all new 7 D technology that provides passive support for our healing.

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