Therapeutic Success Through Tapping

Why Train as a TFT Practitioner?

Thought Field Therapy:

Is an amazingly powerful therapy, in that individuals receive nearly immediate relief from their suffering.

  • It has no adverse side effects.
  • Does not require the individual to talk about their problem, something that often causes considerable distress or embarrassment and which discourages many from seeking treatment in the first place.
  • Is extremely efficient treatment – times of 10 minutes or less not uncommon.
  • Can be used hand in hand and enhance other therapies and treatments.
  • Gives individuals a fantastic tool for life’s problems – a simple way to gain freedom
  • Can be used on all ages from babies to mature individuals – it can even work on animals!
  • Individuals don’t have to believe in it for TFT to be successful.
  • Using TFT algorithms alone gives a success rate of around 80%. Individual diagnosis by a diagnostically-trained practitioner raises this figure to around 90- 95%. With the use of Voice Technology™ the success rate approaches the ultimate.

We can offer the course across the UK for a minimum of 6 trainees, contact us for more information.

Training Information

What do I get for my investment?

Your TFT training course is incredibly good value for money and the 1 day accredited

fee includes:

•TFT Algorithm Tuition


•TFT Evidence & Observations Manual

•Access to Dropbox file with lots of extra resources

•’Stop the Nightmares of Trauma’ ebook by Dr Roger Callahan

•Light Refreshments

•Eligibility to join ACEP (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology)

•Free practitioner listing on

•6 months follow up support

Who should train?

The training is great CPD (continuing professional development) for all kinds of therapists such as counsellors, psychotherapists, NLP practitioners, acupuncturists, life coaches, hypnotherapists, healers, reflexologists, psychologists, as well as teachers, doctors, parents, police officers, carers, – the list is endless!


The training offered at TFT Training is Algorithm Training. Using TFT algorithms alone gives a success rate of around 80%. As a TFT Algorithm practitioner you will also have access to help from practitioners trained to use Voice Technology™ often at a reduced rate taking the success rate to 97% +.

This one-day course follows the syllabus approved by Callahan techniques and after the successful pass of our written review and the submission of 3 case studies entitles you to use the letters TFT Alg after your name. It is an ideal “entry-level” for those with an interest in TFT for personal and family use, and for those with previous experience in other therapeutic disciplines who wish to become TFT Practitioners. If you are a therapist you will also be eligible to join our 1 Day Advanced TFT Training for therapists at a later date.

On your 1 day training you will learn:

Basic TFT Concepts:

◦TFT Theory

◦Importance of tuning a Thought Field

◦The SUD scale

◦Treatment Majors

◦The 9g Sequence

◦The Concept and Correction of Psychological Reversal

•Treatment Algorithms:

◦Simple Anxiety and Stress

◦Simple Phobias

◦Past Traumas (PTSD), Love Pain, Grief, Guilt

◦Eliminating an Addictive Urge



◦Rapid Relaxation

◦Obsession / Compulsions (OCD)


◦Physical Pain

◦Panic / Anxiety Attacks

◦Jet Lag

•The Concept of Cure and Time

•The Apex Problem

•The Impact of Individual Energy Toxins

The Levels of training we offer:

TFT Algorithm Training – ONE DAY TRAINING
This is our Level 1 Training where you learn the powerful tapping sequences that were discovered by Dr Callahan the creator of TFT over 30 years ago.


TFT Algorithm Practitioner Training – TWO DAY TRAINING

This is our Level 1 & 2 Training where we cover everything from the ‘TFT Algorithm One Day Training’ plus we go into more detail on the various applications of TFT and how to use TFT for more complex conditions, how HRV (Heart Rate Variability) can measure therapeutic success as well as real client experience and supervision.


Level 3: TFT Bootcamp Training – TWO DAY TRAINING

This training takes the best of the Algorithm training and the best of the Diagnostic training. It is packaged together into a two day training, called ‘TFT Boot Camp’.

(Coming in 2019)

Level 4: TFT Diagnostic Training – THREE DAY TRAINING

Training consisting of the materials from Step A (self-study) and Step B (basic diagnostic), toxins and advanced procedures. The training provides the basic skills and knowledge for determining specific protocols to address a wide range of problems. Included in this level of training are skills and knowledge to identify and neutralize individual energy toxins and chronic and recurring problems.

(Coming in 2019)

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