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“The benevolence of Natural Law lies in assuring us that miracles are open to us, but it does not extend to telling us how to accomplish them; it is for us to discover the keys, the encoding and decoding, by which they can be brought to pass”.

Robert Rosen

Theoretical Biologist

When we think of a particular problem (such as a specific fear) we generate an individual thought field in much the same way as an electrical field is generated around an item of electrical equipment. Dr. Callahan’s believes that emotional problems are generated by specific interference patterns in these thought fields, which he calls “perturbations”. Perturbations have been found to be the generating power behind the emotional (and occasionally, physical) signs and symptoms recognised by conventional medicine. Often other therapies simply just subdue a clients symptoms but the perturbations still in the Thought Field (the cause of the problem in the first place) still remain. In order to remove the perturbations completely, and therefore the problem itself, one must apply a code that nature has provided.

TFT works like opening a combination lock. Thought Field Therapy diagnostic procedures reveal the correct code, and the particular sequence required for successful treatment. Therefore when the identified energy points are addressed in the correct sequence most people notice a rapid and dramatic improvement in the way they feel. Commonly when a client is asked to think about their problem following the treatment they respond by saying “I can’t think about the problem anymore” This could never be the case, of course, as we can’t say we can’t think of the problem without actually thinking about the problem (For example, try not to think of a pink elephant). So what the client really means is “Now when I think about the problem that upset me a little while ago, I no longer get upset!”

Sceptics argue that all TFT does is to distracts the individual from their problem. However, the most important feature of successful treatment is that the patient is required to think about their problem as clearly as possible both before and after the treatment. That is hardly distracting the client from their problem!

TFT was ‘born’ from a client of Dr. Callahan’s called Mary. She suffered from an intense fear of water, Dr. Callahan’s had been seeing Mary for 18 months using many conventional therapies including psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioural therapy, and hypnosis but had made little progress. Mary fear was so intense she suffered from nightmares, couldn’t go out in the rain, and had to bathe in a few centimetres of water.

Dr. Callahan went on a course about Kinesiology and learnt about the different energy meridians in the body and how to diagnose problems. Marys fear was like an intense fear in the bottom of her stomach, so as an experiment he got Mary to tap under her eye (part of her stomach meridian). From that moment Marys fear disappeared completely and never returned!

Dr. Callahan was amazed at his discovery. Although he soon realised that tapping on one point on the body didn’t help everyone. He went on using causal diagnosis to develop his Algorithms which involve tapping in a specific routine that is dependant on the problem being treated. Algorithms are found to be effective in over 80% of cases. Using individual causal diagnosis increases this success to over 95%.

Dr. Callahan’s then went on to invent TFT Voice Technology which amazingly increases the success rate even further.

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